Worship-St. James United Church

Worship-St. James United Church



Well it seems everyone is now using Facebook or YouTube to find our online worship, so I'll end my weekly worship messages here.
Go to: https://www.facebook.com/StJamesStroud/ for other messages to keep us together during the Covid-19 pandemic.


O Holy One, you are our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble . . .

The Covid pandemic has created anxieties that have revealed themselves as hysterical buying, panicked racism, and other erratic behaviours that help spread fear across entire communities. People's actions are responding to their fear, causing them to behave in ways that often run against their morals and willingness to care for others as they do themselves. Help us to think less of ourselves and more about what I can to to help and protect my neighbour.

Release us from our fear as you guide us to deepen our relationship with you. It is through knowing you intimately that peace is found within.

Lord we know you are with us; that you are our fortress that will protect us.

We ask for you protection upon so many, but we know your power stretches far and wide.

We raise our prayers, asking for your shelter upon

- the health care workers that are risking their lives and those they love so that they can continue to care for those who are ill because of COVID 19 or otherwise.

- upon those who are working endlessly to manufacture medical supplies that are needed around the world

- We pray for your divine peace to rest upon those families who have lost all of their support systems for their special needs children. As they remain in isolation together, may they know you are with them during their physical and emotional troubles. May they find the patience of Job, knowing that this will pass.

- Lord, we raise to you those who suffer with addictions of every kind. Give them the strength to persevere and remain emotionally strong and safe during these times.

- For those who are fearing economic ruin and for those who wonder how they will provide for themselves and their families, guide us to be your gifts to them in any way we can. Guide them with the wisdom of the generations who lived through the depression and other difficult times so they find new ways to be frugal but healthy. Protect those who would become the victims of domestic violence during their financial stress.

God, let us be still and know that you are God.  We give thanks for this time of isolation where we can draw closer to you, and remember that you are indeed our fortress and our strength. In Jesus Christ we pray, Amen

Always keeping my faith in God,
Pastor Patricia