Preschool-St. James United Church

Preschool-St. James United Church


Bouncing Ball Co-operative Nursery School
Bouncing Ball Co-operative Nursery School
PreschoolFor more information, visit Bouncing Ball's website here or call 705-436-1569.

Bouncing Ball offers a co-operative nursery school program, which allows parents to participate in their child's preschool experience by spending time each month in the classroom.

The fundamental goal of the nursery school is to provide an environment that will develop and encourage the developmental and social needs of the preschool child. A preschool child is generally ego-centred. He/she relates to the world from his own needs alone. Because of this, our program is set up to help the child learn to share and co-operate with his/her peers. He/she does this through group play activities, circle activities, games and songs. Although many basic readiness skills and number and letter concepts are introduced in the morning program, our primary focus is not academic. The afternoon program does have a strong academic component, as it is designed to be an alternative/complimentary program to kindergarten.

The school programs are designed to help the children grow in all areas of development:

PreschoolCOGNITIVE: Thinking skills are developed by puzzles, memory games, matching games, circle time, problem-solving games, songs, creative play and many more activities during the day.

FINE MOTOR: Cutting, gluing, painting, writing, small toy manipulation, playdough, finger-plays and much more.

GROSS MOTOR: Dancing, jumping, hopping, climbing and action songs.

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL: Self-esteem and confidence are developed by playing with peers, co-operative games, sharing and taking turns.

LANGUAGE: Vocabulary and sentence structure is improved by participating in conversations with peers and teachers, pretend play, listening to stories, and learning theme-related vocabulary.The preschool child learns to follow the nursery school routine very quickly. The routine helps him/her to develop a sense that life has order in it and helps fulfill that need in his/her life.The child also learns respect for others and respect for authority figures other than his/her parents. The child learns to respond to these authority figures in constructive ways.